Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Crawling (sort of )

Kayleigh is almost crawling...she is sitting up all on her own with no trouble whats so ever. She is rocking on her hand and knees and then diving out and pulling her self across the floor. She is able to get to where she wants to go, with some frustration. In fact it was kind of a rough day, she gets very frustrated when learning something new and she cried and fussed all day long as she boogied across the floor. We had our play date today with a very cute little boy, he is so handsome!! We had such a great time, its so nice to have another Mom to hang out with. Plus she brought me chocolates!!! Which I have eaten all of :) LOL


Barb said...

Better start putting your valuables up high! LOL You've got a little go-getter there, Katie! :D

I'm glad you had a good playdate... it's so nice to have another mom to hang out with, and you're sure to meet many more of the neighbourhood moms when the weather's nicer. Mmmmmm... chocolates!

Mellisa said...

I still cant believe that she is crawling!

Its great to hear that your playdate went so well. Now imagine the freedoms if only you had your license!!!! LOL ;-)

jamm said...

Yummy chocolates!! Maybe you've found Kayleigh's future boyfriend?!? I know, I know - last thing you're thinking of!! =) That is awesome she's starting to exciting!!