Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our new reading corner

When you walk into our home there used to be a fairly large empty space. We were unsure what to do with the room, a dining room was unpractical so we decided to make it a room we could sit and read stories in and Kayleigh could play with her toys and also the room could serve as storage as we have a large step chest in the room. I need to paint the step chest a dark chocolate brown. So we got this chair a few weeks ago, it was a real find. It was originally $1400 and we got it for $400. The table is from EQ3 and we filled with toys from the dollar store to help show the kid friendly theme. We are now looking for an ottaman and we should be all set.

1 comment:

The Karen said...

I'am LMAO over here Katie, I thought you paid that much for the little table and was going to call you to see if you were well!!!!

That chair is beautiful and I love that freakin' lil table !