Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MM Idol Top 50

I am soooooo HAPPY to tell you all that I made it to the MM IDOL top 50 :) I entered the contest and was looking for my name today on the list of top 50....I had read almost the entire list and was feeling like I didn't make it, and then I saw Katie Squires...and it took me a momemt to clue in that it was me (my maiden name is harkins and I often still use harkins for art stuff). ITS ME!!!

So please everyone I know, and everyone you know sign up for voting reminders and vote for me each week :) Pretty Please :)

update: I was just doing my daily check at SCRAPSCENE and holy crap batman they have my name on there with the list of top 50....I am so not lying when I say that I love this site and look at them every day and have always wanted to have my name on their site. I feel like I have been nominated for a freak'n Oscar :)


Michelle said...

WOW! congratulations! That is very exciting!

Mellisa said...

YEEEHAAAAAAAWWW BABY!!!!! I am still grinning from your phone call.

Marlene said...

Congratulations!!! Very exciting and well deserved.

Stay funny said...

Congrats Katie!
I will vote for you for sure!