Thursday, February 8, 2007


Today is a happy day, because my Marmie is coming to see us. Ryan has been away traveling for work and I have asked my mom to come spend a week with Kayleigh and I to keep us company. I can't wait for her to see Kayleigh, to see how much she has grown, all the new things she can do. Thinking of my Marmie reminds me of when she was here for Kayleigh's birth. She was so excited to get here, she even came early and then had to go home. The second time she arrived on the day we were checked into the hospital. She was so much help getting me real food (i was in the hospital for 3 days before Kayleigh was born), keeping me company while Ryan Golfed (a whole other story :) and just being Marmie. The best part of her visit was shortly after Kayliegh was born and she said with tears in her eyes THANK-YOU:) One of the best moments of my life. (Kayleigh tops the list of course). She then stayed with Ryan and I for a week to help us. She cooked all our meals and was just there to lend support. I was so overwhelmed and frightened that I would screw something up, and she just made me feel better as Marmie always does. We were all heading home after that week to my parents house for a couple weeks and my mom wanted to head back a day early. I remember bursting out into tears and telling her that she couldn't leave me LOL. She stayed of course, like always she is there when I need her. I am so blessed to have her for a marmie and I hope I can do as good a job as mother.


Mellisa said...

Your Marmie certainly is a wonderful soul. I love her to pieces and enjoyed those few moments we spent together after Kayleigh was born and at your shower. HUGS Marmie. I mjay have to finagle a visit just to get a hug!!!

Marlene said...

So happy your Marmie is coming to visit Katie! Enjoy your time with her.