Saturday, February 24, 2007

Little Turd Update

My little turd has been a busy girl :) In fact so busy that she completely wore mommy out one day last week and had mommy in bed at 6:30pm LOL.

At 7mos old (she turns 8mos March 9)
  • So in addition to her "crawling" (pulling herself with her hands on her tummy) she is now able to pull herself to standing at the couch, and then falls onto her bum.
  • She has gotten over her sweet potato only stage, and is now also eating pears, pasta, and yogurt. Bananas as well as chicken make her barf :(
  • She can now put her blocks down the giraffe tube all by herself (thanks Sarah) and she tries to stack one block on top of another.
  • She loves the swimming pool and is a little fish
  • she is a tough kid, pulling her puppies tale, and pushing and grabbing at things
  • she gets frustrated easily and makes it known with a loud scream
  • she gets upset when I leave the room
Check out this video of her falling asleep at dinner :)


Marlene said...

Man- she is growing so fast. What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP... has she ever grown... can't wait to have our date baby!


Michelle said...

I love all these tidbits! Perfect for a scrapbook page!

The Karen said...

OMG, how adorable is that baby!!!!

I so wished you lived closer so I could come over and give her more LOVIN'