Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little paper owl

I was inspired by these birds on Teresa Mcfayden's site. So I made this little owl :) Hootie :) He needs a home. Leave a comment and I will draw for a new home :) It is made out of chipboard and has ledger paper on the back.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My MM Idol Entry

mmmm can you tell I have a thing for things related to the arse :) LOL

Remember to vote for me here :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fart Girl

Ok so at the last minute I changed my MM Idol submission, I thought the LO wasn't quite true to my style of scrapping and well I just had a feeling that I should change it. I do however still love this LO, its FUNNY :) So here it is in all its glory :) Journaling is:

When other girls were blowing out there birthday candles and wishing to be a princess, I was wishing for SUPER POWERS. Not to fly, or scale tall buildings in a single leap…no I wanted to be able to fart whenever I wanted to. To play the pull the finger game better than grandpa without going all red in the face. I wanted to be better than the whoopi cushion. Let’s face it everyone farts, the best jokes are fart jokes, and farting simply put is cool. Well at least when I do it is J Now as a 30 year old woman, I like to use the fart as my new friend test. If I fart and they laugh….they will make a good friend…if I fart and they turn their nose…well it just wasn’t meant to be .

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A do-hicky thing from Jenni Bowlin's Kit

LOVE chipboard (making memories)

Little Turd Update

My little turd has been a busy girl :) In fact so busy that she completely wore mommy out one day last week and had mommy in bed at 6:30pm LOL.

At 7mos old (she turns 8mos March 9)
  • So in addition to her "crawling" (pulling herself with her hands on her tummy) she is now able to pull herself to standing at the couch, and then falls onto her bum.
  • She has gotten over her sweet potato only stage, and is now also eating pears, pasta, and yogurt. Bananas as well as chicken make her barf :(
  • She can now put her blocks down the giraffe tube all by herself (thanks Sarah) and she tries to stack one block on top of another.
  • She loves the swimming pool and is a little fish
  • she is a tough kid, pulling her puppies tale, and pushing and grabbing at things
  • she gets frustrated easily and makes it known with a loud scream
  • she gets upset when I leave the room
Check out this video of her falling asleep at dinner :)

Voting reminder :)

Just a reminder to sign up for voting reminders for the MM Idol contest, and of course to log on and vote each Monday!!! This weeks challenge was to create a LO all about yourself...well those of you that know me will get a kick out of this one!!!

Our new reading corner

When you walk into our home there used to be a fairly large empty space. We were unsure what to do with the room, a dining room was unpractical so we decided to make it a room we could sit and read stories in and Kayleigh could play with her toys and also the room could serve as storage as we have a large step chest in the room. I need to paint the step chest a dark chocolate brown. So we got this chair a few weeks ago, it was a real find. It was originally $1400 and we got it for $400. The table is from EQ3 and we filled with toys from the dollar store to help show the kid friendly theme. We are now looking for an ottaman and we should be all set.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sitting up at night

Just a quick note to let you know that my little fart woke up twice last night crying, and I found her sitting up in her crib, the little turd didn't know how to get back down...once I put her down she was fast asleep almost instantly. Too funny :)

MM Idol Top 50

I am soooooo HAPPY to tell you all that I made it to the MM IDOL top 50 :) I entered the contest and was looking for my name today on the list of top 50....I had read almost the entire list and was feeling like I didn't make it, and then I saw Katie Squires...and it took me a momemt to clue in that it was me (my maiden name is harkins and I often still use harkins for art stuff). ITS ME!!!

So please everyone I know, and everyone you know sign up for voting reminders and vote for me each week :) Pretty Please :)

update: I was just doing my daily check at SCRAPSCENE and holy crap batman they have my name on there with the list of top 50....I am so not lying when I say that I love this site and look at them every day and have always wanted to have my name on their site. I feel like I have been nominated for a freak'n Oscar :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Crawling (sort of )

Kayleigh is almost crawling...she is sitting up all on her own with no trouble whats so ever. She is rocking on her hand and knees and then diving out and pulling her self across the floor. She is able to get to where she wants to go, with some frustration. In fact it was kind of a rough day, she gets very frustrated when learning something new and she cried and fussed all day long as she boogied across the floor. We had our play date today with a very cute little boy, he is so handsome!! We had such a great time, its so nice to have another Mom to hang out with. Plus she brought me chocolates!!! Which I have eaten all of :) LOL

Feburary Jenni Bowlin Kit!!!

I love her kits, I got this last Thursday and played Thursday night and for a bit Friday and made these LO's. I still have so much left to play with and some great photos just waiting for me :) Oh this is going to be a great week.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shout out from Cambray Ontario

The creative juices are coursing through my veins thanks to the arrival of this months Jenni Bowlin Kit. I scrapped Thursday night and a little on Friday and have 3 awesome new LO's to show for it. I have to toot my bum I mean horn here, b/c these are my fav's!!! I will post them when I have time Monday night. Right now I am visting my in laws and am itching too get back to my scrap table. I had just started on a new LO when we had to pack up and I was toying around with an interesting idea. Maybe if I am lucky we will be home early enough Sunday night for me to get back to it.

So good news, at my painting class at A FINE MESS, I met a girl who has a 3 mos old son, and get this loves behind me!!! So we have a play date set up for Monday. So happy to have met someone close by, who is also on mat leave. Its getting a bit boring by ourselves at home, especially with Ryan travelling so much and the cold weather keeping us indoors.

I talked to my sister today and she and her man are painting their new condo!! Congrats to them and their first home. Welcome to Home Ownership, may your home be a place full of joy and love for years to come. PS....I asked my sis if she had christened the place yet ( and she said ya I was the first to have a poo (such a harkins) LOL

Kayleigh has some news to report she is now rocking on her hands and knees and managed to pull herself across the floor yeserday. Its time to get some baby proofing done!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today Kayleigh and I made a valentine for Dada. I covered her hands in pink paint and stamped her hand prints on white cardstock. I then cut out her hand prints and used them as wings on the valentine posted here. Sorry for the crappy scan.

Another Elsie Flannigan Sketch

I was going thru old albums last night and found an awful LO with this photo on it and ripped off the photo and re-did the LO based on one of Elsie Flannigan's Sketches.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Daily Dada pics

Ryan is away for work for 4 weeks (home on weekends) and I have been sending him daily pics from the home front :) I thought these were particularly cute :) Note on 2nd pic, Dada is the bath guy, and kayleigh loves her baths with dada. Must be his homemade SPA BUBBLES al la FART BUBBLES.

Elsie Flannigan Sketches

Check out Elsie's Freak'n Fabulous Sketches here

This my take on one of her sketches, I had a ton of fun with this one. This pic was taken from underneath our glass coffee table.

Friday, February 9, 2007

7 months old today

Kayleigh is 7 months old today....the time really does fly by. These are pictures I took of her yesterday. I took her to the dr. again today because she has had a cold for 3 weeks. Tonight when I was rocking her to sleep, I just held on extra long because my heart was swelling with love. Tears were on the brink of my lashes....sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with love for her. After I put her to bed I then curled up for a cuddle with my Marmie. I still fit just perfectly in her arms. Thank-you God for all this love.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Today is a happy day, because my Marmie is coming to see us. Ryan has been away traveling for work and I have asked my mom to come spend a week with Kayleigh and I to keep us company. I can't wait for her to see Kayleigh, to see how much she has grown, all the new things she can do. Thinking of my Marmie reminds me of when she was here for Kayleigh's birth. She was so excited to get here, she even came early and then had to go home. The second time she arrived on the day we were checked into the hospital. She was so much help getting me real food (i was in the hospital for 3 days before Kayleigh was born), keeping me company while Ryan Golfed (a whole other story :) and just being Marmie. The best part of her visit was shortly after Kayliegh was born and she said with tears in her eyes THANK-YOU:) One of the best moments of my life. (Kayleigh tops the list of course). She then stayed with Ryan and I for a week to help us. She cooked all our meals and was just there to lend support. I was so overwhelmed and frightened that I would screw something up, and she just made me feel better as Marmie always does. We were all heading home after that week to my parents house for a couple weeks and my mom wanted to head back a day early. I remember bursting out into tears and telling her that she couldn't leave me LOL. She stayed of course, like always she is there when I need her. I am so blessed to have her for a marmie and I hope I can do as good a job as mother.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Talking up a storm

Kayleigh was very funny today, full of baby words. She had started to make baby words and even said DaDa, but then she stopped for a few weeks and just squealed all the time (also very cute). But today the baby words were back with vengeance. We went to the mall today and I am sure we were a site to see you babbling away in the stroller and me babbling right on back to you in baby talk.
I also spoiled you a bit today, 2 new pairs of shoes (which you chewed on all afternoon in the mall) and a pair of pants from mexx (they have by far the COOLEST baby clothes) and 2 new toys for you. I truly love playing with your toys :) Daddy always says that we are really buying them for mommy.

You are also wanting to spend more of your time rolling around now, rather than sitting. You are all over the place and I think you will soon be up on your knees rocking. You even did a few backward scoots yesterday.

OH AND BY FAR the cutest moment of the week so far, was yesterday when you were laying on the carpet beside Frodo and you were both chewing on your toys. MY TWO LITTLE PUPPIES.

I still love you

junk braclet

I made this at a fine mess inspired by these on Teresa Mcfayden's blog.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Driving me mad!! FIXED

Ok so I figured it know what the damn buzzing box does....its the FREAK'N DOORBELL!!! The doorbell button was halfway pushed in. Why oh why didn't I figure it out sooner, and by the way I FIGURED IT OUT, not Ryan :) Score for me :)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Shabby Chic Angel House

I was inspired by Teresa Mcfayden's (creator of Foof-A-LA) Fine Houses and created this little paper craft tonight to add to my rapidly growing shabby chic collection of Kayleigh :)

Driving me mad!!!!!

I came home yesterday afternoon already in a mood after a fight with my cab driver, only to enter my house to hear some strange humming noise. I wandered about trying to figure out where it was coming from, and pin pointed it to a box that I think is part of the alarm system (which we did not activate when we moved in). Any how my hubby is away on business, the manual is no where to be found, and hitting the damn thing did nothing. I thought about calling my hubby and telling him I was going to cut the wires and if I didn't call back in 2 min to call 911. But with a baby I better not. So I now have a headache after more than 24hrs of buzzing and can't wait for Ryan to get home and beat the crap out of it.

SIDE FUNNY: My mom called last night and I told her about it and she said I should call Mellissa because doesn't she have a handy husband that could talk you thru fixing it...funny that she didn't say call Ryan. LOL LOL LOL

Thursday, February 1, 2007

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was inspired by the season album that Stephanie (Stayfunny) did where she used different shaped chipboard.