Friday, January 5, 2007

VERY Favorite Things

  • getting the flyers and reading them on the pot (cdn tire flier is a premium flyer lol)
  • a new magazine and some jubes to eat while leafing through it
  • burying my nose in my wiener dog when he is curled up under the covers where I can smell his delightful puppy smell (its like pot to me)
  • a white canvas ready to paint
  • lean cuisine pasta over cooked in the microwave so the edges are burned...mmm...really seriously...
  • coffee in the morning especially when someone makes it for me
  • naps with Kayleigh and Frodo (the wiener)
  • the smell of the warm night air
  • fresh sheets on the bed
  • muffin TOPS
  • free stuff in the could send me a free turd and I would likely love it LOL
  • getting email
  • good celebrity gossip
  • trackers
  • wool socks
  • chocolate in the freezer
  • chocolate chip cookies in the freezer
  • kayleigh's smile and her laugh
  • when the dog runs around like a mad man in the house
  • when the cat kicks the crap out of the dog
  • when kayleigh talks to the cat and the dog
  • MY BED
  • trying new restaurants
  • shopping at SHOPPERS DRUGMART, old habit form UNI where I would browse around buying stuff like hair dye to delay having to study.

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