Friday, January 5, 2007


our little routine :) (generally follow this basic routine each day with some varitions for cleaning the house or running errands)

6:00am take Kayleigh into bed with us to nurse and sleep untill 7am.

7:00am go downstairs and set Kayleigh up in her highchair to watch her BABY CRACK videos, while Mommy eats breaky has tea and surfs :)

7:30 am feed turd her breaky (oat cearel)

8-9 am Play downstairs with toys and mommy watches TV

9am kayleigh and mommy return to bed to nurse and sleep for a half hour

9:30 Mommy gets to shower and dress while Kayleigh plays in her crib and on the bedroom floor, then Kayleigh gets dresses in a super cute outfit.

10:00 JJ time (jolly jumper)

10-30 play downstairs

11:30 lunch for kayleigh (veg and cereal) and mommy :)

12:00 nurse and nap for us both

1:00 go for a walk to A fine Mess (buy treats!!)

3:00 nurse and nap downstairs while mommy watches gay movie LOL

5:00 Feed Kayleigh dinner (veg and cereal) mommy makes dinner for Daddy.

6:00 Daddy's home, eat dinner

6:30 Daddy and Kayleigh take a bath

7:00 Daddy gives Kayleigh her bottle and puts her to sleep

11:00 Dream Nurse

3:00 am nurse

and it all starts again :) :) :) :)

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