Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lil Bits of Home

I stole this idea from this blog and thought it was fun so here's mine.
  • A little bin full of baby bits and baubles that Kayleigh loves to forever dig in.
  • A sleeping wiener.
  • A huge painting I did that hangs in the basement rec room.
  • Another painting, notice the little black wiener dog by the front door LOL.
  • Another painting a 24x24 I did for Mell :) :)
  • My scrap place.
  • A bin full of mini's.
  • A paper diva angel.
  • An altered storage case.
  • A bin of rub ons.
  • My shelf of 12x12 albums that is bending b/c its so full, in the laundry room must find a better spot.
  • Another little bin of treats.
  • A tea chest filled with more embellies.
  • A shabby chic peg board in Kayleigh's room where I have displayed some girly bits.
  • A close up of a heart frame I made last night from a doodlebug valentine embellie box.
  • Kayleigh's corner, some shabby bears, a guardian angel, a quilt my mom made.
  • Kayleigh's dresser, it was my grandparents and I painted it.
  • Kayliegh's crib and the shabby chic bedding my mom made for it (love it).
  • Lil star my mom made.
  • Altered Kayleigh 's name above her crib (I spelled it wrong the first time :(
  • Shawdow box made by my sweet Stephanie.
  • Teddies!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Top of Kayleigh's dresser including altered picture cube and an scrap album of her first days with us.
  • Basket of mini albums about Kayleigh.
  • Some picture frames I made of Kayleigh from the boxes of K&Co chipboard letters.
  • 3 altered shadow boxes I made from boxes at the dollar store.
  • The top of my dresser just some things that make me happy.
  • A simply painting I did above my bed.
  • Basket of reading material and other important bedtime stuff by my bed.
  • A purse my sis Jamie made me that looks like a poodle skirt but its a wiener dog, it holds Kayleigh's books by the BOOB chair.
  • Basket of face goodies.
  • My bath goodies....mmm thanks Shannon :)
  • Fav thing in my house, my bath, my nice deep bath that fits my big round bottom :)
  • Framed pics of Kayleigh in my staircase.
  • Very proud of my green colour block!
  • An ingenious use of a half wall by my hubby ryan, this Mac is very useful here, for quick surfing and Kayligh watching her BABY CRACK VIDEO's :)
  • Couch Art, 4th painting to try in this spot, think I like this one.
  • Glass coffee table, love it!!
  • My SPOT for TV time.
  • Wooden monkey on my ass.
  • Clever spot for more of Kayleigh's toys.
  • Step chest my Dad made me :)
  • more of my paintings


The Karen said...

Very cool pics Katie! Love your paintings, you little artist you!

Suzane said...

I love you house Katie!! The pics are great! I must come and visit you one day. I mentioned to Jan that on one of our Mon. or Fri. get togethers we will come and visit you, go for lunch and visit that scrap store!!