Monday, January 22, 2007


Why are wiener dogs so dirty? My dog is famous for getting into our laundry and stealing dirty underwear and then eating holes in the crotches. This weekend the CARISSE wiener dog OSCAR (guilty party pictured to the right) got into a bag of poopy diapers hanging on the closet door. He managed to tear them down and get all the diapers out.

I discovered this on my way up the stairs when half way up the smell of poop hit me and I thought "Oh please don't let Frodo of pooped again in someone else's house (which he did the moment her got to sarah's :(" I followed the poop smell to Connor's nursery where I found the torn bag and one dirty diaper. I called for Sarah and laughed my bum off when she said "WHERE ARE THE OTHER DIAPERS??" She then went on a diaper hunt only to find them all hidden under the crib.

WEINER DOGS are very cute and very BAD:)

Just so glad it wasn't my wiener dog for once :) LOL

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