Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cry it Out

OK so I never thought I would do it, let alone think it would work....but I did it I have been letting Kayleigh cry it out and it has changed my life...I am SLEEPING!!!

Ok so some background, Kayliegh is BF and had been waking about every 2 hours to feed and sometimes would have me up for an hour feeding her and than I would be back at it again in an hour. I have spent many nights sleeping a chair having fallen asleep with her while BF.

Well thanks to my hubby, who really was the one to act on this...we tried letting her cry it out. We put her to bed at 7 and we wake her at 11 to dream feed her then she is allowed to eat again at 3:00am (getting up once in the night isn't a big deal for me and right now I think she still needs the feed) and then she can eat again at 6:00 and she come into the bed at that point and will usally sleep with us till 7 or 7:30. So that's the plan and if she wakes at any other time we go into her room to make sure she is ok, rule out teething, give her a soother, etc...but after that she is left in her crib to cry. The first night it was an hour of crying at 9:30pm and then a half hour in the middle of the night and then 15 min early in the am. Oh it hurt me, oh I thought I was going to puke....but I turned the monitor off and did my nails :) Every since then she pretty much sticks to the schedule, sometimes we have to let her cry it out but it never seems to last more than 5-15 min.

And you know, she still loves me, she is still a VERY HAPPY Baby, and I am sleeping in my own bed and getting a good nights sleep :)


Mellisa said...

Yay for you, my friend. Be proud for it is a big accomplishment for you. Kayleigh will always love you ... what's not to love?


Marlene said...

Congratulations Katie! That is a huge accomplishment. You and Kayleigh will be so much happier for the small sacrifice you made.

The Karen said...

Oh gosh how this brings back memories, but unfortunately that is the only way to do it, if I remember correctly it is the hardest thing to do, then comes other stuff lol!